Saturday, July 19, 2008

My new favorite find...



So I still have not crafted anything lately, but here is one of my new finds for ribbon. I just LOVE it!!! I found this at I believe it comes in blue as well, but PINK is my favorite color, so of course I HAD to get that one. This bag holds a TON of ribbon and I highly recommend picking one up. It saves SO much room without having the ribbon on cardboard cards or the rolls they come on. Let me know if you get one too and what color you pick :-)

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend out in blog land!
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KATY826 said...

SO cute! Pink is my favorite color too.. :]

Elaine said...

Hello! I have not been by for a long time, so I wanted to stop by to see what you've been up to. There are so many cute things to check out! :) I"m going to start browsing now. The ribbon deal is very clever! I wonder if you could make your own with one of the giveaway makeup bags at the cosmetic counter and a crop a dile!