Thursday, July 12, 2007

Isn't this a happy card???


Well, I thought it was as soon as I opened it and it put a smile on my face :-). This card was given to me by my best friend Elisabeth. She was thanking me for having them join us on our summer vacation and we had a blast! She used the SEI Citrus Kick paper and ribbon. I just LOVE it! So thanks again Elisabeth and thank you for letting me share it on my blog. What you can't see is what she wrote inside and that is what meant the most :-).
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Lorie said...

Absolutely happy! Lucky girl for receiving it! :0)

Michelle said...

Such a cheery card! I love it! Love the layout, very original! Good job e!!!!
Thanks for sharing it Kim.

Sue C said...

Yes, it's a VERY happy card! Also - TAG! You've just been tagged from my blog: Visit my blog to see the rules. Love your stuff!