Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Make & Takes from CKC!

Here are a couple of cards I made as make n' takes at CKC this past Saturday. I thought they were cute. The second one was at The Card Co. booth. The flowers are made out of mulberry paper and we actually crumpled them up and when we opened them they did not tear at all. They were very thick. The first card was made at a booth that offered many different types of products, but we used a template for the flower. I forget who the templates were by, but you traced the lines for the flower and then there were fold lines to fold the flower. It worked perfect for double sided paper. It also adds great dimension. I hope you enjoy them and thanks for looking! (Sorry the paragraph above is out of order, but the photos uploaded out of order.)


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Corie said...

Great make and takes -- love them