Monday, December 17, 2007

All In The Family


This was made as a gift for friends of ours. They have 5 children and that includes a set of 18 mo. old twin girls. I could not wait to make this for their family. It was alot of fun! They also have 2 dogs, but as you can see one is a little lost in the grass...LOL!!! I used the Stampin' Up All In The Family Stamp Set to make this. I have 3 more to show you that I made, but I need to wait until I give them to them first before I post them. I do not want to spoil their surprise! Thanks for looking!
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tyrymom29 said...

What a cute card !!

Wife2TJ said...

This is SO Cute!!! I just love this stamp set, and hope to get it one day!

Michelle said...

Oh! You did this perfectly! How did you get it lined up? They are going to LOVE it!