Friday, May 30, 2008

Hello fellow blog readers!

I have some bad news -- I broke my camera yesterday :-( I was trying to take a picture from our 2 story foyer and dropped it all the way down and onto the hardwood floor. I just wanted to let you know that I will not be posting until I can get a new camera. But I assure you I will be back once I get that taken care of. I am SO bummed. It was only about a year old :-(


The Crafty Den said...

Hi Kim, Ouch a new camera will definitely be a blow to the craft fund!! Keep your chin up. Lots of love, Denise x

denise said...

So sorry to hear about your camera! I will miss your postings. I hope you can find something wonderful to replace it with.

Denise G

Cindi Olson said...

OHHHH Kimmy, I am sooo sorry to hear about your loss. I will mourn with you!! I love your blog and I will miss your posts.


Michelle said...

Oh No!
Now where am I going to get my MOJO from?
Hope to see you up and running soon

Lisa said...

If you purchased the camera on a credit card, you might want to check with the credit card company about buyer protection. Sometimes they cover silly little goofs like that. Don't ask me how I know. Ahem.

LeAnne said...

Oh no!!! My stomach hurts just thinking about it! I got insurance on the camera I bought to replace my stolen one, something I NEVER do!!
Hope you get one soon!!!
PS: You've been tagged, so that is something you don't need a camera for!