Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Teacher Gift Ensemble

This is a gift set I made for one of the preschool teachers as her end of the year thank you gift. It is a set of 12 flat monogram note cards with matching stamped envelopes. I got the idea from a blog called Chic n' Scratch - (Sorry, I do not know how to add links.) I also altered a composition note book, made a 3x3 card and a matching gift bag (not shown). I will be giving it to her tomorrow, so I hope she likes it! I have another set to make for the aide and will post that as soon as it is completed. (You can click on the photos for more detail :-)



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Anderson Arts Online said...

WOW, these sets are SUPAH! LOVE this bright cheery color! I wouldn't mind these as a gift at all, they are wonderful! Got ya in my favorites, will check on you daily! Thanks for inspiring me!