Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Cutie Patootie Bugz!

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All of the above cards were made for my friend Elisabeth as part of her baby shower gift. She is having a boy on Sept 13th, so I made her 12 of the boy bugz card with the baseball bat, 4 of the girl bugz cards to use if her daughter gets any "big sister" gifts and 4 of the boy & girl bugz together in case they get some joint gifts. I was so happy that she liked them all! I will post later today what products were used for all of the cards. Gotta go get my little one down for a nap... Enjoy!


evgeers said...

JUST BEAUTIFUL! Just so special and perfect and just the colors I love for the new little one - scary thought is that you are going to get one back - ha! JUST KIDDING! Yours will be a special thank you card and will cause you to BEE HAPPY! :) Anyway, these pics don't do these cards justice - they are just FANTASTIC! Thanks so much KIM - you are the best!

evgeers said...

Oh forgot to mention - GREAT DESIGN JOB! These cards are just really all around special and awesome! :)

Nancy said...

Elisabeth's mother in Missouri loves the cards too, Kim. Most clever indeed! :) You all are such thoughful folks for being so kind and generous to my firstborn child. I hope to get to meet some of you next month when I come for a visit to hold the newest addition to our family. Regards...nancy

Michelle said...

These are absolutely adorable!
The color combos and layouts are so perfect!
You have inpspired me, thanks!