Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Anna's Chore Chart


This is all I have been able to do today so far...LOL! In fact, it has been almost completed for a LONG time and I just got around to finishing it. I had to get it laminated before I could finish it and I did that yesterday. My 6 year old's summer vacation started yesterday, so what better time to get her into doing daily chores!!! She has already completed 3 out of the 5 chores for today - yippee! Now the music notes are NOT for playing music, singing (which she does constantly) or listening to music - that one is a symbol for LISTENING TO HER PARENTS!!! It was the closest die-cut for that task. And she is having lots of trouble with that right now. So those notes will be there for the summer and when school starts we will replace it with a homework diecut. So she has 3 months to learn the skill of LISTENING!!! Do you think she can do it? We shall see. I will report back :-) This Chore Chart Kit was purchased from Top Line Creations. It was lots of fun to make!
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Corie said...

What a great idea. I might need to CASE this.

Miki said...

That's just adorable!! If I had a chore chart like that, I might even like to do MY chores!