Monday, June 18, 2007

Sunday Fun!!!



So I finally got to use some of my new stamps on Sunday! Even though it was Father's Day I found a little time to craft :-) I hope you like Veggiebella & the Javabellas. The Veggiebella was inspired by the strawberries we picked at the orchard that morning. (I will share a picture of those as well.) The Javabella card was made for a good coffee buddy of mine. It was the first time I ever stamped on twill ribbon before. I was impressed with how well it took the ink. And it was just 99 cent ribbon from one of the local craft stores, so even better!
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Deborah said...

I love these cards!!! Beautiful!!!

evgeers said...

These are so pretty and on veggiebella the strawberries are shiny - they look so cute! GREAT job and great design and just MOST EXCELLENT - someone is going to LOVE getting these cards from you - you are so talented! Love ya! e

Dottie K said...

Both cards are just so adorable. I can't wait for my bellas to arrive. TFS

KIMBERLY said...

Love the Veggieballa card..colors, Dp, Everything! TFS!